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Moo & Oink

There’s a timelessness about good local advertising, especially for this Stony Island landmark.

Always brings a smile to my mug.


Engine of Doom

Michael Lewis’ profile of Steve Eisman is one of the best accounts of the financial mess — insightful and funny, despite the subject matter.

Eisman woke up one day and found that he was the only guy on the sell side of the mortgage business and grokked what was happening. Lewis describes the moment when Eisman shorts Merrill Lynch, nails his hero, and his little novella climaxes:

“We have a simple thesis,” Eisman explained. “There is going to be a calamity, and whenever there is a calamity, Merrill is there.” When it came time to bankrupt Orange County with bad advice, Merrill was there. When the internet went bust, Merrill was there. Way back in the 1980s, when the first bond trader was let off his leash and lost hundreds of millions of dollars, Merrill was there to take the hit. That was Eisman’s logic—the logic of Wall Street’s pecking order. Goldman Sachs was the big kid who ran the games in this neighborhood. Merrill Lynch was the little fat kid assigned the least pleasant roles, just happy to be a part of things. The game, as Eisman saw it, was Crack the Whip. He assumed Merrill Lynch had taken its assigned place at the end of the chain.

The story is well told, if downhill from here.  Find it here.

With Fond Memory

This being a new blog, we’re still in the process of catching up.


Last month Lefty Rosenthal sprung this mortal coil. Someone who used language in a characteristically big-city way that says David Mamet and Mayor Daley in one swallow:

“He (Rosenthal) said, ‘It is about time you become informed of what is going on here and where I am coming from and where you should be. I was placed in this position not for your benefit, but for the benefit of others, and I have been instructed not to tolerate any nonsense from you, nor do I have to listen to what you say, because you are not my boss.’ ”

Mr. Glick’s recollection continued: “He said, ‘When I say you don’t have a choice, I am just not talking of an administrative basis, but I am talking about one involving health. If you interfere with any of the casino operations or try to undermine anything I want to do here, I represent to you that you will never leave this corporation alive.’ ”

Full obit and great pic

Inflatable Devices

Some thought (courtesy of for making the last Thursday in November more interesting.

A greener America

A greener America

Oobjects has 13 additional swell ideas.

MYOB, Thanks

Sometimes, despite the histrionics, the bloviation and the pursed lips, Olbermann gets it just right. Thanks, Keith, we needed that:

Four door Porsche

Why noone has figured out the proper antecedents of the new, 4-door Porsche Panamera, is a bit of a mystery:


The 1950 Ambassador was admired for its unibody construction and six-cylinder engine.  Rear seats folded flat to become mattresses in what was called ‘the bathtub.’  I’m sure the Porsche folks will be contacting me with thanks.

Bananas in Pyjamas

Welcome to our blog. Here’s an example of fun and frolic to come.