Government vs. Politics

Andrew Sullivan talks about Obama and his meeting with conservatives prior to sitting down with the left. From his blog, The Daily Dish:

I found the lack of liberal snittiness about last night to be a sign that Obama has us all on a learning curve. What matters is not who’s up or down, or who’s in or out. What matters is what he’s proposing to do and whether it makes sense. This is quite a change for Washington and it will take adjustment. But it makes a lot of sense.

I mean: If you’re concerned with government before politics, as Obama is, and intellectually confident, as Obama is, you are not afraid to encounter any number of countervailing opinions. Obama isn’t afraid.

Increasingly, I think his greatest strength is simply his emotional intelligence in this respect. He knows that people need to feel engaged, respected and not neglected – especially his domestic opponents and America’s enemies.

I also predict that Obama will win over the conservative intellectual elites in Washington as effectively as he did at Harvard and Chicago. He won’t win over the pure partisans. But the intellectually honest and open-minded ones? You watch.


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