Bangle Redux

chris-bangleChris Bangle, the man who inextricably linked automotive design and the fashion industry (to the extent of designing Gina, a car dressed in flexible fabric instead of armored with steel and aluminum panels) is retiring from BMW to pursue other opportunities.
BMW’s GINA prototype
His designs are ambitious, often outrageous or just awful. He lacks for neither chutzpah nor ambition. Bangle deserves credit for breaking the conservative BMW design manifest — and for selling as many BMWs as the company could produce, however ugly they might be (5-series and Z4 to name just two).
gina-and-auto-as-fashion-decollotegeGINA: auto avec decolletage
“Flame surfacing” and the redoubtable “Bangle Butt” helped us hearken back to a simpler time when BMWs were exemplars of less-is-more, when the engineering and design were on the same page.

Thanks to Japlopnik for the news.


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