The Rabbi is a Goner

Cantor-comedian Shepsil Kanarek or Leon Trotsky. Hard to tell at this distance.

Reader JC (no relation to the real JC) commends the blog Old Jews Telling Jokes, which I think is terrific, both for the jokes and the resemblance of these tummlers to Uncle Al, Aunt Sadie, Lou Jacobi, and, sadly, me and all the other cranky people clogging the doctor’s waiting room.

I especially like Michael Goldberg talking about the plumber.

A tummler and his translator. The audience knows the jargon, as my grandfather used to say.

The world of Yiddish comedy, especially of the schpritz variety, echoes throughout the cannon — Lewis Black, Rodney Dangerfield, Larry David, Susie Essman, Gilbert Gotfried, Buddy Hackett Jackie Leonard, etc. — a world that is almost gone. But pieces are salvaged; YouTube and its ilk are a blessing.


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