Defining an Era

harley-earl-3’56 Pontiac Club de Mer

For those of a certain age, Harley Earl’s design work defines an era of growing American confidence (if not military-industrial bravado). At times he was spot-on, as in the defining tailfins (lifted from WWII fighter planes) of the 1948 Caddy.

harley-earl-11948 Caddy

Additional Earl designs at (and credit to) Oobjects.


2 responses to “Defining an Era

  1. The famous new car smell comes from the 1948 Caddy, a strange combination of leather, rubber, ethyl-methyl additive to gasoline (13 cents a gallon), wool blend carpeting and lipstick. 😉

  2. …and that empty tin of Marvel Mystery Oil in the back footwell.

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