Imagining the Future

tomorrowTommyTomorrow from DC Comics, 1947

Jeff Jarvis has an excellent column, Depression? Recession? No, It’s the Great Restructuring, at Seeking Alpha.

A lot of thoughts about realignment, how the downturn will hasten the disappearance of old business models, from newspapers to entertainment, from consumer products to trade shows. He points to innovation and entrepreneurship as the way out of the current mess, suggesting that there’s an important role for government in fostering a supportive climate.

He’s particularly good on education:

Education was built…for an industrial age, to turn out factory workers. It was also built in an industrial model: every student off the assembly line the same. The future of education will be a magnificent mish-mash of – to quote Benkler – market and nonmarket, large scale and small, profit and nonprofit, organized and individual. Computers and their software are made this way. Cars may be. Banking, I think, will be a similar mix (nonprofit? yes, credit unions). The bottom line is the shift from an institutional economy to a network economy.


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