Happiness and…


Richard Florida, he of the Rise of the Creative Class and other theories of the virtues of networks as rich and dense as devil’s food cake, analyzed economic data for the states in the light of Gallup data characterizing relative ‘happiness’ of same.

His conclusions, available on his blog Creative Class: happy states are creative states.

Psychologist Barbara Fredricksons suggests that “positive” people are more open-minded, less racially biased, more likely to see the bigger picture, and ultimately more creative….’Happy’ states are also apparently those with greater concentrations of bohemians (.43), immigrants (.36 ), and gays (.32), as well as states with higher levels of high-tech industry (.22) or those with more innovative potential.

Florida warns that it’s early days and the data is not completely cooked, and one should be careful of jumping to conclusions about causation, etc. That said, I’ve long been a fan of this kind of chocolate cake.

Via Daily Dish.


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