My New Diet

milton-parkerWithout being morbid, another NYT report about an oldster gone to his just rewards. Milton Parker, age 90 passed away February 4. He was one of the partners at New York’s Carnegie Deli. Longevity secret? Yogurt? Fish oil? Capsacin and Coenzyme Q10?

Read on:

Mr. Parker retired in 2002 and, with some health problems, would come in almost daily in a wheelchair to eat. He always insisted upon having a hot dog before his sandwich.

“I knew exactly what he ate,” said Ms. Ruenanukool, of Jackson Heights, Queens. “I served him every lunch, every dinner.” In his last few years, his doctors made him lay off rich foods, including many desserts, she said, but he often found a way to eat it secretly anyway.

“He’d say just put it in a bag and don’t tell anyone, and then he’d hide it in his wheelchair,” she said.

Thanks to ASR, one of my favorite trenchermen.


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