The Newstand

newstandNewstand, Southwest Corner of 32nd Street and Third Avenue, Manhattan, 1935, by Berenice Abbott

Over the last six months, virtually every magazine published in this country was hit by a financial Katrina, a downturn that will have a devastating effect on print publishing. Total pages were down more than 25%.

Only fifteen magazine showed increases, most on small bases:

The Advocate: +15 percent
Cooking with Paula Deen: +18.3 percent
Family Circle: +5.4 percent
Fitness: +28 percent
Golf World: +0.2 percent
Hallmark: +30.5 percent
Muscle & Fitness: +19.1 percent
National Geographic Kids: +1.0 percent
National Journal: +42.1 percent
Natural Health: +2.1 percent
OK: +22.4 percent
Organic Gardening: +19.7 percent
Sports Illustrated Kids: +30.3 percent
The Week: +19.0 percent
Twist: +2.5 percent

So what survives? Narrow focus magazines to which people feel special allegiance? Magazines that provide editorial discrimination? I’m willing to pay extra to ensure that Atlantic, Harper’s, New Yorker survive. I subscribe to the British Car magazine, mainly out of nostalgia for the writing of LJK Setright. Maybe the NYRB. But I’m hard pressed to think of many more.



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  1. 10c for malted milk??? Whaddya think I am, a Rockefeller??

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