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Boys of Summer

a new generationThe end of the Michelin-man era. Ball players are noticeably leaner. Team focus is on speed, defense, skill positions — all the makings of a small-ball renaissance. The economy drives a renewed focus on farm systems and growing from within, as opposed to spending from without.

Prospects for my personal albatross, the White Sox, are poor this season, ideally a transition-on-the-fly — from Dye and Konerko and Thome to Beckham and Getz and Poreda. Which is disheartening, especially with the prospect of a flush Cubs team.

But I’m looking forward to a great year.

HarrelsonGood announcers make the difference. In short order, Harrelson and Stone have proven to be a delight.

stone_steveGood announcing teams make bad games tolerable, good games treasures. During Thursday night’s 1-hitter by Buehrle, we listened to Hawk’s memories of Catfish Hunter and priceless banter about Mickey Tettleton and the immortal John Wockenfuss. Great stuff from my buddies for the next five months.


Good News on the Torture Front

pelosiReports today that both Nancy Pelosi and Jay Rockefeller were briefed on enhanced interrogation techniques, including water boarding, constitute an important and positive step, though maybe not for the two of them. This revelation offers the opportunity to move the debate beyond partisan posturing. Less heat, more light; hopefully, we recognize a consensus about misguided policies and legal judgments by men and women who can only aspire to Polonius-like bravery.

More Meek

Until I ran down the Joe Meek tribute on Mt. Holly Mayor’s Office, I didn’t know that he was the producer of one of my all-time favorite 1960s songs, or that he sped up the tape in the mastering process (which explains why the lead vocalist seems to be halfway to the Chipmunks).

Fabby video.

You just can’t beat the Web for smarts!

Just Because

Joe Meek from 1963. I think a piece of my childhood is missing. Via BoingBoing.

Not Photoshopped

mexico-housing-1Low-income housing project in Ixtapaluca, Mexico. Not the scale of Chinese projects, but amazing nevertheless.
Via Mirage.Studio.7

Why Advertising is a Creative Pursuit

Saw this on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. He deserves big ups for breadth and taste.


hilton-franceMeasures internet traffic for the two Parises. By Tim Schwartz via Inspire me, now!