Los Bulls

Chicago Sun Times Photo
In today’s Washington Post, Michael Wilbon gets all moist about the Bulls-Celtics dust-up:

For the fifth time in six games, the Bulls and Celtics took the NBA playoffs to basketball nirvana with another desperately played confrontation that looked for all the fallen bodies and swinging elbows like it should have been played in one of Chicago’s West Side alleys inside a cyclone fence, with chains on the rims, shirts and skins. For the fourth time in this series, which has never happened in the playoffs, the teams needed to play beyond regulation to decide the outcome. And this time they needed three extra periods.

He’s not the only one. Mike Lopresti from Gannett News Service (USA Today) is equally agog. WSJ calls it a ‘magical’ series. FOXSports wonders if it’s the best series ever.

Get real. Excited about an out-of-controlTyrus Thomas? About a Paul Pierce who looks older by the second? Brad Miller? A Celtic team missing its star player? A Bulls team coached by Vinny Del Negro?

These palookas resemble punch-drunk amateurs in a club fight, not pro basketball teams.


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  2. Thanks for keeping me honest.

    You retain the gift of pure love, which lights up the life of those of us who lost it or never had it. As Berowne says,

    “Beauty doth varnish old age as if reborn/And give the crutch the cradle’s infancy. Tis the sun that maketh all things shine.”

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