Pass the Cheese Curds, Edna

lustAndrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish posted maps of the seven deadly sins by Kansas State geographers.

What the heck is so lustful about central Michigan, western South Dakota and the Texas/New Mexico and Arizona/New Mexico borders?

According to the Las Vegas Sun (where all the maps can be seen), the mapping was a bit of a joke — the ‘rigorous mapping of ridiculous data’ — using proxies like STD data for lust and number of fast food restaurants for gluttony. Sloth was measured using expenditures on arts and entertainment, and envy and wrath were based on crime stats — burglary, robbery, and larceny for envy, and violent crimes per capita for wrath. Pride was the aggregate of the six. All to gauge the Sodomosity that is Las Vegas.

Turns out that, though #1 for greed, Vegas is no better than third for pride (behind Biloxi and Shreveport), which as we all know, goeth before a fall.

And when it comes to gluttony, everyone knows that Wisconsin is, and ever shall remain #1. Pass me the bar dice and order me another brandy.


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