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Not Photoshopped

mexico-housing-1Low-income housing project in Ixtapaluca, Mexico. Not the scale of Chinese projects, but amazing nevertheless.
Via Mirage.Studio.7


Digital Cloud

digital-cloudInhabit reports on a design proposal for Singapore’s pavilion at Expo 2010.

Not surprising why Moshe Safdie’s Habitat is experiencing a renaissance.


teahouseTakasugi-an treehouse built by architect Terunobu Fujimori in Chino City, Japan. The name translates as ‘tea house that’s too high.’ Via Gizmodo.


taipei-performing-arts-centerTaipei Performing Arts Center by NL Architects

Via Frango.

The Stone Quarry

casa-batllo-tejado1Casa Batllo
Maybe it was the outstanding Catalan dinner last night (at Mercat a la Planxa) or the cold weather (-2F today) or a friend’s blog link to Casa Batllo, but I’m feeling nostalgic for Barcelona.
spain-casa-la-pedreraCasa Mila, La Pedrera
And nothing says Barcelona more than Casa Mila, what locals call La Pedrera, or the stone quarry. A commission to produce a Casa Batllo lookalike (on a grander scale), Gaudi produced something right out of the Flintstones — a local point of shame for 75 years, or until Gaudi was rediscovered in the 1980s.

A reminder that there are no bad ideas, just bad timing.

Irish Pub

gagegroup-apr08-002aHolabird & Root’s Gage Buildings on Michigan Avenue

With the advent/success of Chicago’s The Gage an Irish Pub situated in a handsome building originally built for the milliner Gage Brothers, the insights of Denver columnist Jason Sheehan, in the form of eight steps to creating a great Irish bar, are informative and entertaining.

Step five, for example:

The name. Personally, I like Chang O’Leary’s, but there are two ways to go here: the Apostrophe or the Ampersand. With the Apostrophe method, you just take your already Irish name (see step one) and make it possessive. My bar? It would be called Sheehan’s. Simple. The Ampersand method is only a little more complicated: You take any two things and stick an ampersand between them. The Hawk & Dove works fine. The Fox & Hound. The Pig & Whistle. Anything more witty or clever than this, and you’re running the risk of becoming twee; you might as well hang lace curtains from the windows and start serving tea.

Psark Cabin

psarkcabin1FjÀllhus, a cabin by Stockholm’s PS Arkitektur

Nice cabin design. Thanks to MoCo Loco for surfacing it.