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hilton-franceMeasures internet traffic for the two Parises. By Tim Schwartz via Inspire me, now!


Lifting Body

1958-pontiacToday, Jalopnik features a memorial to the late-lamented Pontiac: fifty ads promoting products that proudly bore the Chieftain (if in name only).

In 1958, Pontiacs were featured in scenes showing our belated nascent space effort. Rather than the usual Redstone or Nike Hercules rockets, the background of this ad features a primordial lifting body, precursor to the cancelled Dyna-Soar, and the soon-to-be-lamented Shuttle, Pontiac of the heavens.

Identify This Car

lancia1Jalopnik, master of all things carly, has a nice report from the Concorso d’Eleganza, the warm hug for Italian motoring held annually for swells at the Villa d’Este on Lake Como.

Though consumed with the latest coolishness (something called the Mantide, a vehicle that proves that a BMW Z4 is not the ultimate in phallic irony), they were smart enough to kick off their post with the photo above, and to include a second photo:

lancia2And though the best looking and most interesting bent metal in their report, Jalopnik neither identifies nor describes this pleasing design. Clearly a pre-war Lancia, I’d like to know more.

The Joy of Small

brutsch-mopettaThis 45-mph ‘Mopetta’ beauty was built between 1956 and 1958 by Stuttgart-based microar manufacturer Brutsch. Via Oobjects.

The Value of Typography

periodic_table_of_typefaces_largeWunderkammer, the on-line magazine, has an interview with designers (landscape and graphic) Shalansky and Lee on the subject of typography and culture. Thought-provoking, especially as electrons replace ink.

Maira Kalman’s “May It Please the Court’

code-of-ur-nammuIn case you missed Maira Kalman’s wonderful drawings and perspective on justice and her visit to the Supreme Court on the NYT Opinions blog. Included were codes of conduct, including her father’s two laws:

Law No 1. No Singing at the Dinner Table.
Law No 2. Do good deeds for Strangers, but beware of relatives.

Plus, we get the anti-circumcision people, a reminder of the Santa-Claus looking guy who has been standing outside of the University of Chicago Medical Center for years, carrying his sign and some kind of grudge. Maybe serious.

Not an Antidote, But…

Extremely cool art piece, the product of 7 HD projectors, the old mint in downtown SF, and the geniuses at Obscura Digital. Extraordinary, via Gizmodo.