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hilton-franceMeasures internet traffic for the two Parises. By Tim Schwartz via Inspire me, now!


Future Tense

velourOne can only hope that we still have velour and go-go boots in the 23rd century.

As Spock once said, “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”

Isn’t Riverside the birthplace of the immortal Priceline Negotiator?

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Good Advertising

Ogilvy is doing terrific things with Shredded Wheat. First the Palace of Light web site with terrific YouTube ads (Palalce of Light being the original Shredded Wheat factory and the boss, Frank Druffel, who puts the ‘no’ in innovation).

Interesting that it was Kellogg that invested in acquisitions and marketing during the last depression, investments that left Post (in 1930, a company of equal size and market influence) at the starting post.

Nice touch: the reference to the ‘Post Shredded Wheat Company’ (as in post-modernism).

Now the newspaper ads, including today’s in the WSJ:

An Open Letter to Progress

Has progress taken us to a better place?

I’d say it’s taken us for a ride. (Probably in a carbon-coughing oil guzzler.)

Honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? We’re up to our necks in landfill, down to the wire on resources, and climate change is out to get us — or at best leave us with a nasty sunburn.

Historically, civilizations are destroyed by achievement. The Romans took a bad turn on the road to ever-onward. And no sooner had the Pharaohs built those jumbo triangles and giant cement cats than they flushed themselves down the Nile.

When it comes to food, progress has pushed molecules ahead of meals, hormones over homegrown, and our cattle have become clones.

That’s why progress plays no role at the Post Shredded Wheat Company.

Here, we put the ‘no’ in innovation.

Henry Perky created the Original Shredded Wheat in 1892. One man. (Him.) One ingredient. (Wheat.) One machine. (The machine.)

And although many back then thought the idea of pouring milk over food was foolish, today we see all sorts of chemically enhanced, artificial fiber-infused, carb-refused cereals – a far stretch from simple, honest nourishment.

Post Original Shredded Wheat, on the other hand, hasn’t changed. It is still just one simple, honest ingredient which naturally comes with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Why would we mess with that?

Frank Druffel.

Eliminate Volcano Monitoring

fiveNate Silver at gets an advance copy of the Republican recovery plan.

Thanks to reader ASR.


tati-2One of the great comedians and creatives; like Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati is too-often overlooked in the US.
The moden interpretation in ‘Mon Oncle,’ 1958. Via Frango

Welcome Bigwigs

jetblue-welcome-bigwigsJet Blue gets viral marketing and does it right in a series of three 90-second ads.


Annals of Advert

new-pepsi-logo2For those who appreciate great salesmanship, if not marketing, an organization called the Arnell Group constructs the rationale behind the new Pepsi Logo. According to them, things like design geometries and DNA allow them to ‘apply universal laws to establish a blueprint for the brand.’ This includes analyzing how relativistic effects of gravity and light, as well as space and time, influence the logo and something they call The Pepsi Universe which ‘dimensionalizes exponentially.’

Mark Twain would approve.

Thanks to eagle-eyed ASR. Via Gawker.