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Boys of Summer

a new generationThe end of the Michelin-man era. Ball players are noticeably leaner. Team focus is on speed, defense, skill positions — all the makings of a small-ball renaissance. The economy drives a renewed focus on farm systems and growing from within, as opposed to spending from without.

Prospects for my personal albatross, the White Sox, are poor this season, ideally a transition-on-the-fly — from Dye and Konerko and Thome to Beckham and Getz and Poreda. Which is disheartening, especially with the prospect of a flush Cubs team.

But I’m looking forward to a great year.

HarrelsonGood announcers make the difference. In short order, Harrelson and Stone have proven to be a delight.

stone_steveGood announcing teams make bad games tolerable, good games treasures. During Thursday night’s 1-hitter by Buehrle, we listened to Hawk’s memories of Catfish Hunter and priceless banter about Mickey Tettleton and the immortal John Wockenfuss. Great stuff from my buddies for the next five months.


Why Advertising is a Creative Pursuit

Saw this on Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish. He deserves big ups for breadth and taste.

Future Tense

velourOne can only hope that we still have velour and go-go boots in the 23rd century.

As Spock once said, “After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”

Isn’t Riverside the birthplace of the immortal Priceline Negotiator?

Via AP/Yahoo News


monroeBased on her place in the book, she’s reading ‘Yes, yes, yes, oh God yes…’ From Frango

The Value of Typography

periodic_table_of_typefaces_largeWunderkammer, the on-line magazine, has an interview with designers (landscape and graphic) Shalansky and Lee on the subject of typography and culture. Thought-provoking, especially as electrons replace ink.

Paying for Quality Journalism

gordon-crovitzGordon Crovitz, former publisher of the WSJ, has a new project, a for-pay roll-up of quality on-line journalism. With partners Steve Brill (founder of Court TV) and Leo Hindery (media executive, ex-CEO of ATT Broadband), the have created Journalism Online, LLC to provide value to everyone in the chain:

“News publishers, including digital-only operations, need to find ways to attract revenues from readers as well as from advertisers. Viable journalism enterprises need both, and we believe the solution must include state-of-the-art technology, smart pricing options and creative, aggressive marketing based on best practices for monetizing online content and services.”

They’re either way ahead of the curve or way behind what’s happening (‘ThinkNext’ and other discriminators). I’m guessing the latter.


chema-matoz-1Photo by Chema Madoz