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Boys of Summer

a new generationThe end of the Michelin-man era. Ball players are noticeably leaner. Team focus is on speed, defense, skill positions — all the makings of a small-ball renaissance. The economy drives a renewed focus on farm systems and growing from within, as opposed to spending from without.

Prospects for my personal albatross, the White Sox, are poor this season, ideally a transition-on-the-fly — from Dye and Konerko and Thome to Beckham and Getz and Poreda. Which is disheartening, especially with the prospect of a flush Cubs team.

But I’m looking forward to a great year.

HarrelsonGood announcers make the difference. In short order, Harrelson and Stone have proven to be a delight.

stone_steveGood announcing teams make bad games tolerable, good games treasures. During Thursday night’s 1-hitter by Buehrle, we listened to Hawk’s memories of Catfish Hunter and priceless banter about Mickey Tettleton and the immortal John Wockenfuss. Great stuff from my buddies for the next five months.


Building the Brand

obama-soxYou can’t do much better than have the Prez wearing your hat and claiming that Harold Baines is his favorite player. USA Today mulls how the black hat with Gothic-script “SOX,” once a rap-star favorite, is now the international symbol for Obama’s USA.

2008_03_obamafordreams_shir1The Sox, meanwhile, have been blocked by MLB from making caps with Obama logo, and t-shirt manufacturers have been stymied in attempts to create hybrids.

Sometimes, the best marketing/branding is no marketing/branding, when monkeying around dilute the authenticity of it. Grab a black slouch hat, tune in on Hawk and Stoney, and enjoy. It’s baseball time.